EZ-Sheller Crab Leg Shellfish Party Pack for 6

EZ-Sheller Crab Leg Shellfish Party Pack for 6

EZ-Sheller Crab Leg Shellfish Party Pack for 6 Rating:
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Product Description

The EZ-Sheller crab leg party pack is essential to pair with your seafood delicacy for you and your guests. Everyone will enjoy the ease of cracking open their favorite shellfish including crab legs, prawns and lobster. Enjoy the party without having to pass around your tools!


  • The Crab leg party pack comes complete with 6 EZ-Shellers, 2 Crab Grabbers, 6 crab bibs, and Zatarain's seafood seasoning. All of your guests will enjoy the ease of having their own tools!
  • With the EZ-Sheller, your battle with seafood shells is over. The ergonomic handle and sawtooth tip make it simple to crack any stubborn shellfish that might stand in your way.
  • Ever wonder how to hold those spiny, steamy hot crab legs and try to zip the shell off at the same time? The Crab Grabber is the solution! This flexible FDA grade silicone Grabber folds conveniently in the palm of your hand, and is the perfect size to hold onto your crab legs.
  • The 6 disposable crab bibs lets you keep the mess off your clothes and on the bib where it belongs!
  • Zatarain's seafood seasoning is a zesty way to spice up your seafood dinner

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