Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch, make the best creme brulee ever & Take kitchen fun beyond cooking, incredible FREEdom awaits you! Good for baking & Fantastic for broiling! Go-Pro with a Blow-Pro

Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch, make the best creme brulee Free recipe E-book included with gift packaging & instructions | Hand Held flaming + Stand | Good for baking, soldering, dabbing & wax working.

Ultimate Culinary Blow Torch, make the best creme brulee Free recipe E-book included with gift packaging & instructions | Hand Held flaming + Stand | Good for baking, soldering, dabbing & wax working. Rating:
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Ladies and Gentlemen, CONGRATULATIONS, you have reached the beginning of the end of your search for the adjustable hand held blowtorch lighter that is to SATISFY your craving for QUALITY VALUE & RELIABILITY! Here is what to expect upon ordering your red, adjustable Blow-ProTM set.....

When your gorgeous well presented beautifully packaged cooking torch arrives to your door from amazon prepare to be amazed as you pop it on the counter and find yourself staring at it completely intrigued by its well thought of and sleek elegant design! Once you you are finally done admiring its box go ahead and open it and see it for what is really is! If you could paint Ergonomic, Durable, Professional, this would be it! Fill it up and fire away enjoying its single click ignition system and experience torching from all angles with its advanced angle flow technology allowing uninterrupted torching even upside down! Built to last with an incredibly sturdy feel this searing kit is not a toy! This is though the part where disappointment sets in for those expecting a mediocre low quality miniature clone as ours is FAR from that! Our flaming chef torch is ready to take you to new heights of kitchen funness only achievable through QUALITY & RELIABILITY! We understand that you are entrusting us with your invaluable "special moments" be it working up an amazing pudding, making tremendous gourmet Mexican ice cream, roasting peppers, scorching meringue, roasting marshmallows, finishing off the crisp on your ham, whichever it be just know that we value & respect those moments which is why you can trust and rely on us!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time you feel that your satisfaction levels are not that of the Guaranteed 100% then please simply let us know and we will refund you! You have nothing to lose!

When clicking "Add to Cart" think of it more as "Adding to Life", that of unmatched value & quality.


  • ➤NOVICE OR NOT! This adjustable hand held food torch kit is a wonderful thing to have up your sleeve in the kitchen to impress friends family & even yourself! Embark on a journey to an entirely new totally charred world of blissful flavours only achievable with FLAME! You will be an absolute hit showing off your new skills! BUTANE SOLD SEPARATELY
  • ➤DO YOU ENJOY A GOOD OL GLAZED HAM? If you like honey glazed ham then this is for you! No need to buy the pricey pre-made anymore! This searing torch lighter will work flawlessly and get your ham tasting just like the store bought kind! Get your flame on...
  • ➤INCREDIBLY FUN PACKED HAND TORCH RECIPE EBOOK INCLUDED! A recipe for every single occasion, You have no idea the fun that awaits you; honestly, you'll think you don't need it until you try it and before you know it you will be looking for any excuse to use it and we guarantee you there are more than enough excuses in the book! 50 fun diverse delicious recipes to be exact!
  • ➤WANT AN INCREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE TO BROILING? This glorious creation a magnificent invention, it will char your meat & crisp the skin in no time! Quicker and easier than any oven! Its possibilities will never cease to amaze you!
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy, let us know and we will refund you and/or make things right! We are always here for you going above and beyond. Your satisfaction is main objective.★ BUTANE SOLD SEPARATELY

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